1. Association Dues – during our tenure on the KIPHOA Board of Directors a few non-residents have inquired about why they should have to pay the entire annual Association Dues amount if they do not physically reside on the island. Especially if they do not use some of the amenities, such as the community dock or boat ramp. Per the regime documents (By-Laws and Restrictive Covenants) every lot on Knowles Island Plantation is subject to said documents, which run with the land. Per the By-Laws Article III, section 3 it states : “Each member shall pay to the Association Annual Dues and Assessments…” Additionally, every lot should have a general paragraph in its respective Deed, which reads similar to the following:

This property is subject to all easements, conditions, reservations and restrictive covenants appearing of record and subject to easement recorded in Book 144, Page 116, restrictive covenants recorded in Book 143, Page 325, Road Maintenance Agreement for Knowles Island Plantation recorded in Book 143, Page 332, By-Laws of Knowles Island Plantation Association recorded in Book 6, Page 1125, Office of the Clerk of Court in Jasper County South Carolina.

In sum, the Association Dues shall be paid in their entirety annually. They are necessary to support general operating costs, all amenities we benefit from (i.e., road maintenance fund, dock fund, general fund, etc.).

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